Most Incredible Waterfalls For Kayaking

Running waterfalls is an extreme sport that is not  for every paddler. It takes unique skills, years of practice and the right kind of weather.[slideshow:87495]

The biggest challenge is staying in the boat after the fall. This is hard to do when you are plunging at 60-90 miles per hour, hitting a huge volume of water. It's no surprise that kayaking over waterfalls is considered the Holy Grail of the sport.

"The experiences I get from the waterfalls aren't measured in feet or records. My life's goal is to die exhausted instead of bored," extreme paddler Rafa Ortiz says.

Water levels change and the path of the water can be altered in many ways, which means that the waterfall a person is eyeing can be a lot different on the day of the drop. The higher the waterfall, the more vertically you'll want to enter the water, according to "Boofing, or landing flat, is the only safe approach to take if the landing zone is shallow," but it can put a lot of strain on your back.

A few of the waterfalls on the list are not the baldest or hardest but they are popular among kayakers and adrenaline-seekers with little experience rafting Class Iv or V rapids.

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