The World's Best Budget Airlines

Traveling the world doesn't have to be expensive as long as you're prepared to concede certain comforts. Most of the time this means that passengers have to pay extra for checked luggage, as well as onboard food and beverages.[slideshow:91108]

Major carriers have recognized that the most important factor in booking a flight is the price. The number of cheap airlines has grown and they are not poaching each other's trade, causing a disturbance in the industry but many affordable options to customers.

The business of reasonable flights has grown so much, prizes and honors are now bestowed every year. The following list is based on the 2016 World Airline Awards

The medal for the world's Best Low-Cost Airline represents the global ratings achieved by all low-cost carriers. As a quality distinction, the prize is based upon customer satisfaction assessment of product and staff service standards supplied by the airline in both the cabin and airport environments.

AirAsia is named the World's Best Low-Cost airline for the eighth year running, with Norwegian enjoying double success being voted the world's Best Long Haul Low-Cost Airline and the Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe.

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