Visiting These 15 Places Can Kill You

Planning a vacation is in many ways as exciting as actually going on one. All that researching gets you fantasizing about what you'll do, who you'll meet, and the unforgettable memories you're going to create. One item missing from your travel itinerary is, understandably, dying. However, you may want to include it as a possibility if your holiday destination is a place with a high risk of catching a disease, getting kidnapped or being in the middle of random street riot.

All countries have beautiful places to offer but looks can be deceiving.[slideshow:82342]

Nowadays people expand their horizons and travel to places they know little about or to locations that don't get a lot of tourists. Who wants to deal with crowds on your days off work? No destination is too far thanks to the many travel options – and discounts – out there.

Technically, you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time anywhere. Thieves and other miscreants can be found everywhere. But some places have a lot more of them, increasing your chance of finding yourself in trouble. Other countries are infamous for their deadly animals, such as Australia, or dangerous viruses, such as Brazil. The health care system in some countries is so poor that minor problems can turn into a cause of death because you can't get treatment.

Travel notices are a good reference but they are issued if a there is a recurring dangerous problem in a foreign country. They are designed to inform travelers and are not laws. You can choose to ignore them or be extra cautious. Certain countries don't have warnings but you will do yourself a favor if you think twice before booking a trip there. Some destinations are obvious – don't go to Syria, Lebanon or Libya. Others require a little more research.  

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