Treehouses, Castles, And Other Unique Places Around The World To Stay For Summer

Traveling allows you to get to know many new places and cultures. Consider making the experience even more authentic by staying at a treehouse, igloo, overwater bungalow or a castle instead of a traditional hotel.

The unique places on the following list vary by country, price, and accommodations, some of which can be described as "bizarre."[slideshow:85680]

There is something for everyone – from active adventurers and off the beaten path enthusiasts.

You can stay in a prehistoric Scottish drystone tower or castles build centuries ago. They have been renovated to include floor to ceiling windows and bright, spacious interiors.

The cowboys at heart can go on adventures Wild West-style sleeping in a covered sheep wagon or a barn loft. You can experience what it was like to spend time at an authentic "saloon."

Materialize fiction into non-fiction by staying at a hobbit house in New Zealand, futuristic treehouse in Sweden, fairytale labyrinth-looking guesthouse in Vietnam or a cave in Turkey or Spain. 

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