These Cities Will Look Shockingly Different In 10 (15, 20) Years

Sea levels are rising, climate change is in full effect and natural disasters are occurring every year. What cities will survive? As of right now, the answer to that is unknown.

However, after extensive research, we have compiled a list of cities that will definitely look different in years to come.

Dramatic changes will occur; some cities may suffer from global warming, while others may encounter changes due to population. Society is changing every day; people are coming and going for a number or reasons. City infrastructure is also changing, cities are flooding; you may not see right away but overtime you will notice it.[slideshow:83651]

Imagine swimming to work? You may actually be able to do that in London in 20 years. How about walking on an elevated highway? Yep, you may be able to do that too!


These Cities Will Look Shockingly Different in 10 (15, 20) Years


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