Stunning Real-Life Fairy Tale Destinations

Almost any city can look beautiful in a photo, depending on the point of view and angle. But some places appear so majestic and regal that they make you wonder if your mind is not playing tricks on you.

Suddenly you are at a loss for words. How can you describe what you're seeing? Stunning, unique, unusual, amazing...[slideshow:100373]

Words seem insufficient to express what your brain tells you must be "photoshopped." You were surely expecting something similar to popular tourist destinations.

But they deprive you of a magnificent experience that picturesque, less-crowded countryside and shorelines offer. Their natural beauty surpasses even the most amazing engineering projects.

Some of the places on the following list have inspired famous tales such as Snow White; others have been used in the background of popular shows like Game of Thrones.

Exploring the real-world version of your favorite locations seen in movies is a thrilling experience – in some ways, you feel part of the fairytale.

Make the most of the few vacation days you have, and don't flock to tourist traps. Think outside the box.

Click here for 20 Stunning Real-Life Fairy Tale Destinations

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