Popular Places That Don't Want Any More Tourists

Popular cities are not falling victim to their own success after local officials have spent years promoting them as magical tourist destinations. Year after year, it seems, city councils are passing laws and adopting new restrictive rules to curb the number of newcomers.[slideshow:102179]

All measures are taken with good intentions – protecting the environment and preserving local people's culture and way of life.

Certain places put a cap, allowing no more than 400 visitors at a time on an entire island; others restrict the number of ports cruise ships can dock. Alternative measures include raising taxes in the tourism sector and choosing who is allowed in and imposing a moratorium on building new hotels.

Entrance fees have been discussed as well in Venice, Italy, for example, but such ideas have been dismissed. UNESCO has placed location on its World Heritage in Danger List.

Visit these cities while you still can.

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