15 Places To Visit Before They Disappear

Time is running out, some of the most iconic man-made structures and otherworldly natural sites are in danger of disappearing.

The threat of temperature and the impact of climate change have become a cause for concern. Logging companies are destroying our ecosystem and plants and animals are suffering due to deforestation. Tourism will be drastically affected along with the lives of individuals living in surrounding areas.[slideshow:83769]

Unfortunately, the timelines of these disappearing destinations are approaching sooner than you may think. Between the rising sea levels in the Maldives, to excessive tourism in Machu Picchu and pollution affecting the Taj Mahal, scientists are concerned that things have been changing too quickly.

We cannot take the existence of these incredible places for granted (The Most Spectacular Glaciers to Visit Before They Melt). Our generation may be the last to see some of the most incredible sites on the planet. Get out there and explore the world, visit these spectacular destinations before they disappear.


15 Places to Visit Before They Disappear 


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