Pink Sand? Unique Beaches From Around The World

If there is one thing everyone should have on their bucket list, it's a pink sand beach vacation. There are few places on earth with these unique beaches. This scarceness and beauty adds an extra allure that makes them top tourist destinations for families or a romantic beach getaway.[slideshow:104158]

Amp up your summer experience by exploring a coastline that is all about the beach, for once, as opposed to the water. You have probably heard of black sand, especially in places like Iceland, but did you know that red, orange, and even green shores can also be found?

So what causes pink sand? In the case of the Bahamas, it's tiny oysters named Foraminifera. These tiny organisms grow under the coral reefs and die on the ocean floor. Then, along with bits of corals and shells, they get washed up and get crushed in the sand, giving it a pink hue.  

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