The Most Spectacular Black Sand Beaches In The World

White sand beaches are beautiful, but simple. Expand your horizons and visit one of the spectacular black sand beaches on this list.

Black sand is usually composed of volcanic minerals and lava fragments. In many cases the black sand is produced by lava flows that come in contact with the cold water. As the water flows out onto the beach, the lava hardens, creating black sand.[slideshow:84573]

Each of these beaches is different in its own way. Some are more accessible than others, some are more secluded, and some are popular tourist destinations.

Enjoy the beauty of the black sand from the ocean. Take up a new water sport; try surfing or snorkeling; or lay right on the sand and catch some rays. Either way, the experience of exploring one of these black sand beaches is like no other.


The Most Spectacular Black Sand Beaches in the World


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