The 10 Most Incredible Infinity Pools In The World

Have you ever watched a beautiful sunrise in paradise right on the edge of a spectacular infinity pool?

Infinity pools can be used for relaxation and recreational purposes. They are fun, soothing, and versatile, and they provide you with clean, filtered water to forget your worries in.[slideshow:90665]

Infinity pools produce a visual effect of water extending out to the horizon — they appear to have no edge. Some of them are located on cliffs, others are on rooftops, and few even extend over the edge of buildings. But they all have one thing in common: They provide incredible views with gorgeous backdrops and beautiful scenery.

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Due to their eye-catching splendor, many of these pools are located in high-end hotels and resorts. They can be installed in almost any location; therefore, both indoor and outdoor infinity pools are common.

From Bali to Hawaii to Spain, infinity pools have gained popularity around the world. These are the 10 most incredible infinity pools in the world.

The Most Incredible Infinity Pools in the World

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