The Most Hated Landmarks In The World

Styles change over the years. What was considered glamorous and beautiful can be looked upon as a major eyesore on a skyline or urban landscape just a decade later. Sometimes architects are trying so hard to seem innovative that they get lost in flat-out ugly designs.[slideshow:100874]

It's hard to appreciate such buildings. As a result, they become known as landmarks that locals love to hate. One of the most abhorred structures is a library in Paris and a Jesus Christ statue in Poland. Who would have thought that places that symbolize nothing controversial will, ironically, become so contentious?

While it's impossible to calculate how much every landmark in the world is hated, some are clearly in the Top 15 based on what  locals and tourists have to say about them.

Sometimes the problem is in the architects being out of touch with what people find gorgeous; other times the social and political consequences have not been predicted.

Don't presume that just because a landmark is famous and gets millions of visitors a year local residents like it. And the reason is not because such places cause too much traffic. It could be because thousands of people were displaced to make space for the construction or because it honors a racist dictator.

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