Jaw-Dropping Photos Of The Most Incredible Mountains In The World

When you think of a spectacular landscape, what comes to your mind? We all have different opinions, but for most people, they will immediately think about mountain tops and beautiful scenery

Mountain tops in the horizon are photographed all of the time. In fact, while many people head to mountains for climbing opportunities, others simply travel to mountain destinations just for the photo op. Pictures from below the mountain are wonderful, but the brave climbers out there know that the view from the top is equally, if not more spectacular.[slideshow:89967] 

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From Iceland to Japan, California and Peru, jaw-dropping mountains are located all over the world. The photos on this list represent some of the most beautiful mountains, but also some of the deadliest.

Nanga Parbet, Eiger, Annapurna and Mount Everest are among the deadliest mountains in the world. Climbers risk their lives year after year attempting to reach the summits. Some make it to the top, while others have no choice but to back down. 


Jaw-dropping Photos of the Most Incredible Mountains in the World


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