Incredible Winter Destinations You Wouldn't Have Considered

Everybody needs a temporary escape in the winter even if the destination is not a cozy and warm retreat in the Caribbean. Even if your journey's end isn't tropical, a change of scenery in the middle of this gloomy season, especially if you live in a chaotic city, is always a good idea.[slideshow:96316]

Mapping it out and booking your trip early will ensure you get the accommodations you want at the best prices. Winter is the low season in many of the places mentioned on this list, which also guarantees lower rates and fewer tourists. 

Other benefits of traveling this time of the year as opposed to waiting a few more months for the summer include scenic landscapes as well as a unique and more authentic experience. The outdoor vibe of mountain towns – popular or lesser-known – gives you energy like nothing else. They offer plenty of exhilarating adventures.

Travel to a hidden gem this season. Some people may like to run with bulls, go on hour-long hikes along snowy trails, snow bike miles of acres, or even go ice climbing. Or see how a popular summer destination is completely transformed into a winter wonderland.

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