Holiday Trips You Should Be Booking Right Now

It's already November – the time of the year when people get into a holiday spirit and think about the best and most adventurous way to spend the extra days off from work with their families. The best and most fun trips usually book fast, so now's the time to plan a getaway.[slideshow:91654]

Being spontaneous and impulsive is always exhilarating but not always possible. It's not a good option when you have children, trip-buddies who are always busy, and a limited budget.

Whether you want to tour your dream beach spots, go on a rugged quest to push your limits, or just see amazing Christmas shows and displays, chances are you'll have to make reservations now.  

Early birds can get great deals, especially on lodging, and it's much easier to put away a few dollars every week as opposed to setting aside a large sum of money a few days before you leave.

Perhaps the best reason to start planning now is that you'll have something to look forward to. This is almost like a survival tool for when you have a bad day at work. Just look at your calendar and think: "In 60 days, I'll be in [insert dream vacation spot]."

Break the tradition of staying home for the holidays and you're guaranteed a holiday you'll never forget.

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