Adventures For Tourists In Former Olympic Cities

As the 2018 Winter Olympic Games draw closer, world-wide attention is shifting to South Korea. Even with the Games just about a month away, you can't help but eagerly watch as the nation prepares for the most prestigious competition of the season.[slideshow:103536]

You may be following news updates and maybe you're even keeping track of your favorite athletes, but nothing compares to being there in person and taking it all in. The energy, pure excitement and the marvel of people from around the world coming to cheer on their country is impossible to replicate.

The Winter Olympics have been held continuously since 1924 with the exception of two interruptions during World War Two. The world's best athletes in winter sports have competed in 21 mountainous areas on three continents. Most of the venues are still worth a trip.

While a visit to an Olympic site from the past won't be exactly like being in South Korea, the Olympic legacy is still very much alive in former-host cities around the globe. Broaden your horizon and explore previous hosts that have managed to harness the benefits of international attention for long after the spotlight has moved elsewhere.

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