50 Most Beautiful Places On The Planet

Creating a bucket list is a daunting task. Many tropical, cold and architectural paradises deserve to be on it. Everybody wants to see the entire world and selecting which few places to visit first can be intimidating. How do you choose? Go for exquisiteness and splendor. You'll be lucky if you actually go to half of the locations.[slideshow:94525]

Certain sights – regal waterfalls, remote cities, enigmatic landmarks and natural phenomena – are worth a trip no matter where you live.

Between the majestic scenery displayed in the Swiss Alps, to Spain's gorgeous beaches, the colorful lavender fields in France, the Amazon Rainforest in South America, and stunning hot springs in Antarctica, you're bound to want to add one of these beautiful places to your bucket-list.

Earth is a gorgeous place and visiting every stunning corner will take a very long time. The sites on the following list have been selected to vary from country to country but they mostly include natural and awe-inspiring mysterious wonders – some of which are not very well-known – that have astonished tourists for years.   

50 Most Beautiful Places on the Planet

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