The World's Absolute Most Beautiful Hotels

Sightseeing involves a particular kind of itinerary for many travelers — one that's thoroughly researched, meticulously planned, and strategically mapped in order to ensure that all time between a hastily scarfed-down breakfast and a final lobby entrance is spent exploring efficiently.[slideshow:104154]

Each day's to-do list is packed with enough must-see monuments and unique museums to leave a wanderer exhausted, dreaming of just a deep sleep.

Consider a different point of view. Sightseeing can begin from the very first moment when you open your eyes in the morning, as you wake up in a suite that has inspired art on the walls and a gorgeous view from the balcony.

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To help you do so, our expert editors traversed a slew of travel guides — published by noted niche magazines and recollected from our personal globetrotting — to find the most beautiful hotels in the world.

Below, we've put together a list of 50 international lodging options — each of which are, from our perspectives, a bountiful feast for the eyes.

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