30 Eye Candy Travel Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Everybody with a camera takes shots while traveling, but some pictures come out better than others. The images on the following list can be used as proof that a good description of most "photographers," is "amateurs with a cell phone."

Remote and secluded places are very charming, but popular destinations such as the Niagara Falls and the Great Wall of China still make for stunning and awe-inspiring photos.[slideshow:86829]

Capturing an incredible and rare moment such as standing on the top of the world's tallest building, visiting famous landmarks, watching 16 lakes create a series of water falls and experiencing a volcano erupting right in front of you – even if it is dozens of miles away – is a breathtaking moment.

If you are trying to decide where to take your next vacation, take a look at these eye candy travel photos. The destinations on this list are sure to blow your mind.


30 Eye Candy Travel Photos That Will Blow Your Mind


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