22 Embarrassing Things You Should Never Do In Other Countries

Traveling is a lot of fun until you do something that will land you in hot waters. Every country, and every city for that matter, has its own customs. While tourists will rarely knowingly disrespect locals' culture they may end up doing so anyway.[slideshow:103502]

One rule of thumb for tourists is to never assume that just because tipping, for example, is considered the norm in the U.S. that it's OK in other parts of the world. Also, what you may know as the universal sign for OK is actually an insult in some places such as Turkey.

Different people have different understandings of what is impolite, normal or offensive. What everyone agrees on, however, is that travelers need to be respectful. A quick search will reveal the most embarrassing and/or rude ways you can get yourself in trouble.

The following list includes major no-no's in countries all over the world.

Click here for 22 things embarrassing things not to do abroad

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