20 Places To Visit Before They're Lost To Climate Change

Whether you blame global warming on people or not, the irrefutable truth is that rising sea levels, air pollution, and deforestation are causing permanent damage. What you know the world to be and look like may be completely different than what your grandchildren and their kids will see.[slideshow:102173]

The landscape is changing and the big adventures you are planning for the future may have to reflect that. Make those plans a priority, too, especially if your destination is on the following list.

Some national parks are shrinking, rainforests are drying out, and stunning islands are risking submersion. Hundreds of animal and plant species face extinction as they lose their natural habitat.

Just because changes aren't happening around your area doesn't mean they're not on the horizon for other nations. Incredible spots are experiencing major shifts. Soon they will be changed forever, so if you've been longing to take in the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef or see Antarctica in person, you should do so in the near future.

Eco-friendly travel is a crucial part, so be sure to travel with a responsible operator to the earth's unbelievably beautiful destinations. Tourism and carelessness are not harmless.

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