20 Creepiest Abandoned Cities You Never Knew Existed

Imagine what the world would look like if people didn't exist. Do cities look ghastly and charming at the same time? Are they dusty, with cracks on the walls, shattered windows, and trees growing inside?

It's hard to envision that once hundreds of residents lived and worked there. It's both nostalgic and intriguing.[slideshow:99165]

Some lesser-known locations have been forgotten by people for many years. They are stunning in their own way. Tourists and history buffs are often fascinated by castles, islands and even entire cities where locals just picked up and left.

You will be intrigued by the unusual exterior and maybe even spooked by the present state of some structures.

Most of the time there is a logical explanation why a once thriving farming village or gold mining town now lies deserted and is barely visited by few curious tourists.

It usually has to do with a natural disaster such as a flood, a volcanic eruption or an earthquake. Sometimes it's about economics; no more riches underground means no jobs. 

There is a story beneath the moss, cracks, dirt, and dust. The following ghost towns are as memorable as they are eerie.

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