20 Adorable Animal Babies You Didn't Even Know Existed (Until Now)

Obviously, you knew all animals had to be babies at some point. Even the most fearsome cobra, wildebeest, or jaguar was at one point a tiny baby.

You just probably never realized how stinkin' cute some of them are at that age. Aside from puppies, kitties, piglets, and baby monkeys, there is a whole world out there of adorable tiny baby animals you totally need to see.[slideshow:104454]

From alpacas to manatees, baby animals are just tiny, cuddly, cuter versions of their bigger selves. Sure, a majestic tiger prowling through the savannah is awe-inspiring, but nothing is more awww-inspiring than a fluffy baby gibbon or a teeny tiny infant bat swaddled tightly against its mother. We've selected these 20 teensy cuties because we bet you had no idea that they were this adorable.

Some of these animals you may have heard of, some may be brand new. It's not every day you come across a dik-dik, let alone a baby one.

Get ready to coo and gush over these 20 adorable animal babies you didn't even know existed, until now.