15 Tourist Traps You MUST Avoid

It's easy to be carried away and misled when you visit a place to which you have never been before. A quick Google search usually suggests the most popular sites. Unfortunately, they are often the ones you want to avoid.[slideshow:89210]

The vicious cycle begins. More people visit the recommended locations, resulting in overprices foods and services. This is not to say that you should avoid popular destinations such as Paris, Rome and London. Keep in mind that they have a lot more to offer than the unpleasantness that invariably comes with huge crowds.

Many visitors know what to expect but still flock to places like the Sherlock Holmes Museum or Disneyland. Many even venture out to the middle of a desert just to risk a back injury and touch??, at the same time, four tiny pieces of land belong to four different states.

Do you really want to spend hours traveling and waiting for a chance to take a photo next to a building you pretend you can lift back to a 90 degree angle? The answer may be "yes" if there was anything else to do in the area.

The reality is that many locations simply don't live up to the hype.

The following list, ranked in no particular order, consists of tourists traps in the U.S. and Europe that you should avoid if you can help it. Even though a few are technically free of charge, hapless visitors should still stay away.

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