12 Must-See World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites are some of the most natural, unique and beautiful sites in the world. They are recognized for their international importance and are given extensive protection.

From the Parthenon in Greece to the Taj Mahal in India and Machu Picchu in Peru, these sites are located all over the world. They are each significant in their own distinctive way. They represent different cultures and past legacies, some of which have been passed on to future generations.[slideshow:85605]

Art, architecture, cultural tradition, landscape, earth's history and communities of plants and animals, are some of the many guidelines for being included on the World Heritage List, according to UNESCO.

Some of the sites on this list are at risk for disappearing, while others are maintaining their structure. If you have the chance to visit these irreplaceable Must-See World Heritage Sites, don't pass it up.


12 Must-See World Heritage Sites


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