10 Tips For Safe Winter Driving

"Winter storms have been hitting hard across the country and driving conditions are more dangerous than ever," says Jerry Jariyasunant, Co-Founder of connected car company, Automatic. "Winter weather leads to poor visibility, slippery traction, and temperature extremes that can affect the insides of your car, among other risks."[slideshow:97755]

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Whether you are driving to a friend's house close by or embarking on a road trip to your weekend vacation destination there are plenty of things to take into consideration. For instance, it's important to always have a gas tank that is at least half full, and remember to stay calm and slow down if you come across any hazardous driving conditions.

"On average, there are over 5.7 million car crashes each year in the United States and over a million of these are weather-related," Jariyasunant says. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe on the roads this winter.


10 Tips for Safe Winter Driving


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