10 Reasons Why The Galapagos Islands Should Be Your Next Adventure Destination

The Galapagos Islands encompass some of the most pristine beauty in the world. It's a rare destination, with tons of unique wildlife and spectacular nature. It offers an incredible mix of tropical and polar species as well as volcanic rock landscapes.

The Galapagos consists of 13 major islands, five of which are inhabited. Each of them has their own unique atmosphere and wildlife viewing opportunities. Upon this cluster of islands you can swim with sharks, snorkel with sea lions, hike along lava trails and relax on one of their unspoiled beaches.[slideshow:89588]

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Some of the islands wildlife species include the adorable Blue-Footed Booby, iguanas, sea lions and penguins.

We cannot write a story about the Galapagos without mentioning Charles Darwin. After all, his visit to the islands had an everlasting impact on the formation of his Theory of Natural Selection. There is a rather small island in the Galapagos Archipelago named after him; it consists of the remains of an extinct volcano.

Make the Galapagos Islands your next adventure destination; explore the World Heritage Site and all the natural beauty it has to offer.


10 Reasons Why the Galapagos Islands Should be Your Next Adventure Destination


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