Which States Are Home To The Grumpiest And Happiest Travelers?

It's human nature to form opinions concerning the nature and disposition of tourists according to where they call home. RewardExpert set out to answer the question: Which state's residents are the grumpiest when traveling?[slideshow:103771]

It analyzed a data set of over 875,000 user reviews to determine which state's residents are the grumpiest while they are traveling. The hard data also includes user reviews of a total of 4,333 hotels that comprise of both the reviewer's location and a numerical rating.

The report found the top three grumpiest states and locations are Washington, D.C., Colorado and Oregon. While not technically a state, the nation's capital couldn't have been taken out because it's the home of the grumpiest tourists nation-wide and is the most over-represented in the set of negative hotel reviews, with 882 more than estimated based on its 0.2 percent share of the U.S. population.

The three states home to the happiest travelers are Louisiana, Mississippi and New Hampshire. Louisiana earned its place at the top of the list on the strength of its highest national average hotel rating of 4.18.

The states were ranked by three key metrics: the number of one- and two-star reviews proportional to population; the number of one- and two-star reviews as a proportion of all reviews from that state in the data set; and the overall average rating for all reviews by users from that state.

Seven of the top eight states with the orneriest tourists have recently legalized recreational cannabis use.

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