The Top 10 Best Aquariums In The U.S.

Aquariums give you the chance to see aquatic animals that you may have never encountered before. They offer hands on learning, interactive exhibits and incredible photo opportunities.

From diving with sharks to petting stingrays and viewing dolphins up close, aquariums provide excitement for everyone.[slideshow:87889]

Aquariums make for great family bonding experiences. Kids will be delighted by the colorful marine life, enjoy one-on-one experiences with the sea animals and will be awe-struck by the massive tanks. Georgia Aquarium even offers a "Sleepover Program" where your entire family can spend the night in the aquarium and sleep right in front of a gorgeous gallery window.

Make the most out of your experience and enjoy tons of annual events – visit the aquariums website to find out when the events are taking place.


The Top 10 Best Aquariums in the U.S.


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