Secret Locations In Hawaii That Only Locals Know

People usually go to Hawaii for its stunning beaches, bustling nightlife, family adventures, and surfing. The beautiful islands are home to many astonishing spots – some of them even secluded shores you don't know about – that you need more than two weeks of vacation time to explore hidden gems.[slideshow:86251]

While tanning all day under the sun with a cocktail drink in the hand is one definition of a perfect holiday, going off the beaten path to explore the "Old Hawaii" and its untouched nature is just as exhilarating.

Millions of people visit the state every year – more than 8.3 million in 2014, a record number, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, beating the previous record set in 2013 by 1.3 percent. People flock to the islands, but finding uncrowded locations is still possible.

Unspoiled and almost empty beaches, forests, valleys, camping locations and hiking trails are probably within a few miles of where you're staying.

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