The Most Mysterious Places In America

People often think that everything on Earth has been discovered and that there are no new places to explore. But they rarely ask themselves the question of how a certain location came to be. The world is teeming with such unsolved mysteries. Scientists have been studying them for decades to little or no avail.[slideshow:95463]

Incredible incidents have been reported. The evidence is often speculative or provides few clues at best. Nothing sparks the imagination like an unexplained phenomenon. This is the time to forget what you believe and think with an open mind. Researchers do and they keep looking for answers, and are often surprised by the obscurities they find.

How would you explain a seemingly bottomless 9-foot wide hole that, allegedly, has the ability to bring animals back from the dead? Or a place where unseen objects produce magnetic fields with a lot of power?

Believe it or not, some mysteries are actually man-made. No one knows how a single man built the Coral Castle – made of many limestone boulders, some of which weighed about 15 tons – even though it took him more than a quarter of a century. He just claimed he knew the secrets to the construction of the pyramids in Egypt.   

You don't need a passport to travel across oceans and deserts to reach mysteries and adventure. Some sites are challenging to get to, but the experience is worth every effort.

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