The Most Haunted Place In Every State And D.C.

The supernatural and unknown is what can accurately summarize a place that fascinates and horrifies at the same time. Many people often wonder what happens to people after they have passed on; many believe that life ends just for the body, not the spirit of a person.[slideshow:102683]

Some stories are just a product of someone's imagination, while others actually may carry some weight, considering the frank and open accounts of people's personal encounters with what they believe to be ghosts.

Several of the sights on the list are said to be haunted by the victims of violent crimes such as mass murders.  Haunted places make for a very interesting campfire story, but it doesn't always have to be a tale of evil spirits trying to kill people. There are places that aren't so frightening, and ghosts are even said to be quitter friendly.

Many haunted places have been remodeled as hotels that offer luxurious accommodations, fine dining and even murder mystery weekends. But guests soon come to realize that they are having more than noisy neighbors; they are entertainment overnight roommates.  

Haunted places have history; in some cases they've housed pure evil and, in others, terrible tragedy. These spots have seen nightmares come to life within their very walls and the memories still haunt visitors today.

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