The Least And Most Stressed States In 2018

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it," as famous American journalist Sydney J. Harris once said. People in certain cities in the U.S. understand what this means better than others. But why?[slideshow:104736]

Is it the traffic? Is it the commute? Perhaps it's working long hours. And perhaps it's all of these combines, plus some more. The most common causes of stress include relationships, money, job pressure, sleep deprivation, and poor nutrition.

The following list is based on a recent report by the career web site Zippia. States are ranked most to least stressed.

Other criteria taken into consideration include unemployment, population density, home price to income ration and percent of uninsured people. The higher any of these was, the more stressful the people of the state are. The data is from the U.S. Census' American Community Survey for 2012-2016.

Click here for 10 of the most and 10 of the least stressed in America