Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Places Around The World

Do you ever wonder what the world would look like if humans were gone? You don't have to imagine anymore. There are certain places - some have been fairly well-documented - which show exactly what would happen.

Famous monuments of historical significance are usually very well-preserved, so they are not a very good example. But lesser-known locations that have been forgotten by people for many years are stunning in their own way.[slideshow:90888]

Abandoned places can be ghastly and charming at the same time. They are now dusty, with cracks on the walls, shattered windows, and trees growing inside, but once hundreds of residents were living and working there. It's both nostalgic and intriguing.

People are often fascinated by castles, islands and even entire cities where locals just picked up and left. Exploring the long untouched places in a way that was not meant to be is thrilling. You can learn about the history and feel the story behind.

You will be intrigued by the unusual exterior and maybe even spooked by the present state of the following structures.

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