Escape The Crowds: 15 Off-The-Beaten-Path Cities In The U.S.

Taking a break, whether for the weekend, a week or a month, and going out of town is priceless.  Don't flock to tourist traps like New York or Los Angeles. Think outside the box instead and visit places you may have never heard of before.[slideshow:102313]

This kind of adventure has several important advantages – fewer crowdscheaper prices and the bragging rights of discovering new destinations that will eventually become a hotspot. Plenty are worth your time.

Many are ideal for exhilarating expeditions that vary in nature—from exploring a lesser-known corner of the planet or going on a unique tour.

Fabulous, albeit small, places in the U.S. can be found in every state. They deserve as much attention as their popular neighbors are getting, but sometimes locals prefer to keep their homes out of the spotlight.

Allow yourself to be surprised and give you and your family a chance to have the best vacation of your lives because of the authentic experiences in lesser known gems you're about to explore. It's possible you'll like it so much that you'd actually want to move there.

Click here to see 15 of the best crowd-free cities in the U.S.

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