The Best Hotel In Every State

The perfect hotel can motivate you, spoil you, and help you make the most of a much-deserved vacation from the unexciting, stressful and often chaotic routine of everyday life.[slideshow:98837]

Elite Traveler, a luxury lifestyle media group, recently ranked the world's Top 100 Hotels for 2017; it includes 36 hotels from the Americas, and U.S. hotels are on top of the world, as NYC triumphs on the global list.

The following list is based on guest reviews, annual reports, travel experts input, and awards given by travel sites. Location, views, accommodations, dining options, customer service, activities, and attractions have all been considered.

The rankings include hotels that are more than a century old, and tell an important part if the country's history, luxurious resorts with incredible wellness opportunities, as well as resorts that have only been opened for a few years but already have a serious number of prestigious awards.

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