17 Surprising Things That Will Get You Kicked Out Of Disney Parks

The "Happiest Place on Earth" is also one of the strictest places on Earth. Anything from gum to a grumpy Goofy could ruin the magic for a visitor, so Disney runs a tight ship.[slideshow:103612]

There are lots of rules pertaining to park staff, from how tall characters must be to how they should address guests. Disney has a bevy of do's and don'ts for visitors as well to make sure lousy patrons don't ruin anyone else's trip of a lifetime.

While some Disney park rules are obvious, like no firearms or trying to hawk your own knockoff Disney wares inside the park, there are some surprising things you can do that can actually get your kicked out of the park or even served with a temporary or lifetime ban.

What transgressions will make the Mouse House boot you out? Read on to discover the biggest Disneyland and Disney World no-nos.

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