Jaw-Dropping Pictures Of National Parks In The Winter

Exploring a national park is an adventurous idea any time of the year, but winter is unique because of plunging temperatures that change everything from how you prepare for the journey to what you will witness. The completely different perspective of the wilderness is worth every effort.[slideshow:94414]

Some parks transform into serene winter wonderlands they show a unique side of nature's beauty – from snow-capped summits and foggy trails to dramatic clouds in the sky. The solitude in America's most treasured lands is another reason why the parks are a secret gem in the wintertime.

From ice-coated coastal cliffs and snow-tapped forests to ice sea caves, jagged peaks and migrating wildlife, national parks in the colder months are a place for every kind of adventurer. Certain places become accessible to visitors only when lakes freeze.

Some people may argue that the best part of the season is when snow falls and covers an expansive land. The white powdery fluff atop mountains, trees and rocks make for some of the most scenic pictures ever seen.

It's about that time of the year again – get out of the house and reconnect with nature.

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