Boo! These National Parks Are Haunted

It's Halloween season – the perfect time to take a road trip to a spooky national park for some frightful fun and witness a supernatural phenomenon. The experience is only enhanced by the fog drifting out of valleys, leafless trees in the forests and chill air that are typical of the fall.[slideshow:91390]

People are often fascinated by castles, islands and even entire cities where locals just picked up and left. Exploring the long untouched places in a way that was not meant to be is thrilling. You can learn about the history and feel the story behind it.

Luckily for the adventurer in you, you can combine a camping trip in the wilderness with an unnerving thrill that you will remember forever. The U.S. is home to several national parks where multiple guests, at different times, have reported eerie events.

Not all ghosts appear to people to cause harm. For example, a man who died looking for his daughter in the Great Smoky National Park now manifests himself as light guiding hikers. A former operator of a popular hotel in Yosemite is allegedly seen as she is making sure that everything is in order for the guests.

However, most stories about haunted national parks involve an evil spirit luring people into a lake or off the edge of a steep cliff.

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