Most Outrageous Passenger Requests As Told By Flight Attendants

The most annoying passengers on a flight are usually people who talk a lot, fall asleep on you, or have too many bags so you end up checking yours, and they may get lost.[slideshow:86856]

What all of these "features" have in common is that they affect you.

Travelers on a plane rarely think about what crew members have to deal with. As it turns out, some of the requests are outrageous and absolutely hilarious.

Have you ever heard of a passenger wanting to use the overhead bin as a bassinet because where else would she put her newborn baby? It is surely tiny enough to fit between suitcases.

Flight attendants are sometimes asked for assistance in solving love problems. One stewardess aided a man who, it looked like, got the girl's number at the end. Another time she helped a newly married couple join the "Mile High Club" because, after all, they were on their honeymoon.  

People of all kinds of professions fly to their destination but not all show it – except the cobbler who wanted a pair of shoes mailed to him so he can repair them.

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