Getaways For A Digital Detox In 2018

Americans are using only 77 percent of their paid time off, and the decline is partially tied to recent economic problems. Use of vacation days is at the lowest point in four decades.[slideshow:103814]

This can be used as a strong argument that if you are going to take a break from everyday life, you need it to be on a real break. Go to a place where no one can reach you and you are not tempted to use your phone or any other electronic device. You need to truly unplug and unwind in order to relax and recharge.

Some people refer to this kind of trip as "digital detox," which is actually healthy for you (unlike the body cleanse type). Rediscover why singing until the sunrise, sitting by a fireplace, and exploring the great outdoors are valued more than a timely email response.  

Consider a place where you're obliged to hand in your phone and laptop when you check in; where TVs in rooms are replaced with stargazing opportunities; where the goal of a vacation is pranks, dancing barefoot, laughing out loud, and eye contact; or an entire city where cellphone and Wi-Fi are illegal.

Disconnect from technology so you can truly connect with nature and people.

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