Craziest Things Anyone Ever Tried To Sneak Onto An Airplane

The Transportation Security Administration is one of the government agencies everybody loves to hate. People often blame them for mile-long lines, which can lead to missed flights. The truth is that even though it can seem like the agents are just being lazy, you don't always know what they are looking at.[slideshow:99301]

It could be an inert cannonball or even a replica. However, they can look very real on the X-ray monitor, and TSA officers don't know if they contain explosives until explosive detection professionals inspect it. This will result in closures of the checkpoint screening areas and chaos all around.

The agents may also be inspecting loaded firearms, which are not allowed in carry-on luggage, or hidden knives, or even dangerous tarantulas. It may be hard to imagine that someone will be courageous and naïve enough to try to sneak them onto a plane, but you'd be surprised.

Traveling can be very stressful and inconvenient, but how much worse would it be if people were allowed to bring anything they fancied? Uninformed passengers who don't know that gas is a highly flammable liquid may cause a lot of trouble by bringing a gassed-up chainsaw onboard.

You can't help but wonder what made someone bring the following items with them onboard. 

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