The Best 15 Tricks For Sleeping On Planes

People have different priorities when they are in the air, often depending on whether they're traveling alone or with friends and family. Flying solo usually implies that the more sleep a person can get on the plane, the better.[slideshow:91964]

This goal can often be very difficult to achieve because of whoever happens to be sitting next to you and where your seat is located. Still, you are not helpless. Certain methods can do the job, in case you can't afford to upgrade, and you can trick your body into sleeping — and people into not disturbing you.

If you don't want to spend the two days following your flight recovering from it, you need to nap in the air. This involved blocking the screaming kids and the roar from the engines. And you'll have to take care of the cramped conditions, which can lead to serious complications such as deep-vein thrombosis.

Some of the hacks may be obvious — no coffee, alcohol, or junk food. Others, such as grapping a sleep-inducing snack or not picking a seat in the front of the plane, are often overlooked.

Don't be shy, and recline your seat as much as possible; cover your face to block all kinds of light affecting the body's ability to produce melatonin; make sure you're hydrated enough; and forget about entertaining yourself with the small screens in front of you.

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