15 Things Flight Attendants Hate About You

Crew members are not the passengers' servants. Flight attendants know a lot more about the plane, the flight and what's going on in the air in general than you can imagine. They are there to help travelers, but their job description is much longer than this one task.[slideshow:101207]

Flight attendants have a tremendous amount of information pertaining to how you can avoid baggage fees and likely have some tips on how you can be treated like a celebrity and have a stress-free trip. But you won't benefit from any of that information if you engage in certain behaviors.

Stewards and stewardesses are there to make sure you have a comfortable experience, not to wait on you hand and foot, so stop giving them a hard time. If you purchased a ticket in coach, stop trying to sneak into business class; don't argue with them, and yes — you must turn off your phone during takeoff and landing.

Most importantly, you should just simply quit being rude. It's not necessary to click the flight attendant's call button numerous times. Also, get your head out of your phone and pay attention during the safety demonstration.

Crew members can take a lot from passengers but there are just certain things that may drive your flight attendant crazy. These are some examples as told by flight attendants with over 14 years of experience.

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