10 Things At Hotels You Should Avoid Touching

The average hotel room is filthier than a typical home, school, or even a plane, according to a study. The cleaning staff has a quick turnaround for rooms and rarely do they disinfect random items like your ice bucket. 

As if there weren't already plenty of things about hotel rooms that should scare you, now we add germs and the possibility of contracting an illness to the list.

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A study titled Hotel Hygiene Exposed found the highest bacteria-filled areas were the bathroom counter and remote control, while an ABC News investigation "uncovered hotel drinking glasses that were so dirty they could pose a serious risk to your health."[slideshow:91806]

Don't let a clean-looking room fool you; even the most expensive and attractive hotel rooms have hidden germs. Just because the bed is nicely made doesn't mean the sheets were just cleaned; and although your carpet may look spotless, that doesn't mean it was just vacuumed.

Some of the most frequently touched places — phone, light switches, pillowcases — are contaminated with harmful bacteria and germs. Always remember to properly inspect your room and bring disinfectant wipes with you so that you can wipe down all of these germ-infested objects.


10 Things at Hotels You Should Avoid Touching


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