10 Steps To A Perfect Vacation

Does the perfect vacation exist? Most people will say "no," but you can get as close to this idealistic dream as possible.

Meticulous planning, which has been scientifically proven to improve mood, is one way of ensuring you're going to have a jolly time. But you also have to know your audience, budget and costs.[slideshow:89897]

Certain tourist hotspots must be avoided at all times while others deserve a visit. Which ones are largely based on your personality. Do you like crowds or secluded adventure destinations?  

Basic tips everyone should follow in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed or challenged on vacation include being honest with yourself about where you want to go and what you want to do, knowing the habits of the people who are coming with you, packing smart, and leaving electronics behind.

Regardless of whether your holiday is going to be a quick getaway, a honeymoon, a 2-week cruise around Europe, or a crazy adventure, the approach is very similar.

A lot of trips don't end up being perfect for many reasons. Learn a few steps about how to plan and enjoy the best break of your life.

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