How To Survive Long Travel Delays, According To Flight Attendants

Flight delays can be as nerve-wracking as they are unpredictable — sometimes you really need to get somewhere on time, but sometimes you're just plain restless and wanting to get out of the terminal. It can be hard to know what to do logistically or even just to get through a delay, but one method is to look to the experts: flight attendants.

Flight Attendants Share Tips to Handle Long Travel Delays Gallery

It's important to know that flight attendants often don't know much more than you do about the delays themselves. Being quite the frequent fliers, however, they definitely know what to do when dealing with one.

We spoke with two different flight attendants with quite a bit of experience navigating airports and the many mishaps and delays that occur there. Mateusz Maszczysnki shared his widsom gleaned from just over six years of work as a flight attendant; he originally flew with Emirates before switching over to a major European airline, and now runs a cabin crew recruitment and aviation news website. We also spoke with Steffanie Rivers, flight attendant of about five and a half years and author of "The Do's and Don'ts of Flying: A Flight Attendant's Guide to Airline Travel Secrets."

From keeping track of flight times to packing your carryon so that you're prepared and doing your research so that you know your rights as a passenger, here are just some of the great tips these flight attendants shared with us on how to handle long travel delays.