The Best Disney Attractions That Are No Longer Around

The Best Disney Attractions That Are No Longer Around

Disney fans, both new and old, have enjoyed going to Disney parks for years. They have fallen in love with the atmosphere, educational and cultural experiences, rides and attractions. Visitors find great joy in making new memories in one of the happiest places on earth.

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Some of the best Disney rides and attractions don't exist anymore. They may have been successful during the time but became too expensive or did not hold their popularity for long. They have been closed down, remodeled, and turned into some of the famous rides you see today.

Take a moment to reflect, reminisce, and look back into history. These rides will always hold a small place in our hearts. They may be gone, but they will never be forgotten.


This was a popular gondola lift attraction in California's Disneyland which opened 1956, and Florida's Magic Kingdom which opened 1971. The ride took its passengers back and forth between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

Adventure Thru Inner Space

Formally located in Disneyland's Tomorrowland, Adventure Thru Inner Space was open from 1967-1985. It was the first attraction to use Disney's Omnimover system. Waiting for your journey into the atom was part of the experience. Riders would be able to watch other riders enter the attraction through one end of the Monsanto Mighty Microscope. The ride was designed to simulate humans shrinking.

Phantom Boats

This was one of the shortest lived rides in Disneyland; it literally opened in 1955 and closed in 1956. Riders would drive themselves slowly around the lagoon. Adults looking to relax loved this ride, but for children, the ride was just too boring. This was the first ride to ever be removed from Disneyland.

Astro Jets

Visitors enjoyed this ride because it offered exiting thrills and incredible park views. Two riders would sit together in one jet and spin in circles until the ride came to an end. The ride had a good run from 1956 through 1966. It was replaced by the Rocket Jets in 1967.

If You Had Wings

If You Had Wings was a favorite attraction amongst many visitors. The ride opened in 1972, and it was sponsored by Eastern Airlines. Visitors would wait on line in what looked like an airport boarding area, and then they would hop in their vehicles and enter a large globe where they would view a variety of travel scenes from around the world.

Flying Saucers

The Flying Saucers ride was open in Disneyland from 1961-1966. Similar to bumper cars, this ride offered guests the experience of riding in a personal flying saucer on a cushion of air. The movement of the saucer was determined by which way the guest shifted their weight.

The Legend of the Lion King

The Legend of the Lion King was a popular attraction in both Walt Disney World Florida and Disneyland Paris. The show in Walt Disney World – a stage performance – ran from 1994-2002, and in Disneyland Paris – a Broadway inspired performance – from 2004-2009. Both were inspired by the popular film, The Lion King.

Flight to the Moon

3-2-1, launch! Flight to the Moon was a popular Disneyland attraction. Guests entered a room with multiple viewing screens, then sat down and experienced the simulation of an aircraft launching into space. Seats would shake and simulate the change in gravity. This attraction opened on Dec. 24, 1971 and closed in the Spring of 1975, according to

Journey Into Imagination

The original Journey Into Imagination attraction was a favorite among visitors and one of the most beloved attractions conceived by Disney's Imagineers, says. The attraction offered guests the opportunity to experience art, literature, human imagination, performing arts, and science. The original version operated until 1998. It was replaced by Journey into Your Imagination, which only lasted two years. It was reopened in 2002 as Journey into Imagination with Figment.

Plaza Swan Boats

Formally located in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, the Plaza Swan Boats opened in 1973 and closed in 1983. It was a popular attraction that took visitors on a leisurely boat ride. It has been said that this ride closed down due to expenses – the cost to keep the boats running was too much.