These Awesome New Theme Parks Will Be Open By 2020

While the concept of amusement parks originated in Europe, the modern theme park was developed in the United States with iconic, world-famous places such as Coney Island, Disneyland and Universal Studios. Although Disneyland was revolutionary when it opened in 1955, theme parks have only gotten more mind-blowing, with bigger and better ones being built every year.

Amazing New Theme Parks Opening By 2020 Gallery

Though Americans aren't hurting for choice when it comes to theme parks, some companies have still found opportunities to build something new, including one tenuous plan for a park in Ohio that will be four times the size of Disneyland. The theme park business is quite dependent on the economy, and the booming growth of a new middle class in the Middle East and China means plenty of amazing new attractions are also being built overseas. With the latest and greatest technology, new parks are being built to entice thrill seekers and amusement park lovers from around the world. If you're a theme park connoisseur, check out these amazing parks that you can visit in the next few years.