Summer Health Myths That Will Surprise You

The sun is shining, a summer breeze is rolling through and everything seems right with the world. [slideshow:1421]

From lazy days at the beach to weekend hikes, there's a whole lot to love about summer, but spending more time in the great outdoors means you could be running into some potential health issues. Winter gets a bad name for colds, flus and hypothermia, but summertime has dangers of its own.

The sun's rays, public pools, weather hazards and those little bloodsuckers we call mosquitoes, all make the list of things that could derail your summer health—and surprisingly, there are plenty of misconceptions about them. For all the readily available information out there, some old myths just won't die.

Before you hit the pool or lay out in the sun, take a look at these 10 common summer myths and be ready for whatever summer throws at you.

MYTH: You Should Wear Sunscreen at All Times

You've heard it a billion times—"wear sunscreen"—and you diligently put it on for beach days, but the rest of the time you might be slacking on the coverage. Do you really need to wear it absolutely all the time?

REALITY: A Little Bit of Sun Exposure is Good for You

Science says no, in fact, a few minutes of unprotected exposure can bring big benefits for your health. The exact amount of time varies from person-to-person, but experts suggest starting with 10 to 15 minutes a day. Most people only need a few minutes in the sun to start taking advantage of the benefits; but you should always be careful not to let the skin burn.

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